[Global Network Reporter Zhang Xiaoya] "The former US Secretary of State said that the United States is suffering from 'domestic division and international chaos'." According to a report by "Russia Today" (RT) on the 7th, commemorating former US President Ronald • At the event marking the 112th anniversary of Ronald Reagan's birth, former US Secretary of State Kissinger accused the US political establishment of failing to demonstrate "domestic cohesion" in his speech, and he also warned that the US could not afford to isolate itself.

  According to Yahoo News, Kissinger was three months away from his 100th birthday. On February 6, local time, he stood on the lawn of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in Simi Valley, California, leaning against the On a wooden bench, a speech on "power" was delivered.

In the speech, Kissinger talked about Reagan, peace and the Cold War, and also mentioned the "challenges" facing the United States.

  The Tass news agency quoted Kissinger as saying, "Today, the debate about who we are and what we stand for makes us once again suffer from domestic division and international chaos. We find it difficult to gather the necessary strength at home to face the challenges at hand. "

  According to foreign media, Kissinger mentioned in the last part of his speech that the United States faces challenges, including the so-called "China's ambitions", Russia's special military operations against Ukraine, and the uneasy situation in the Middle East.

There is a risk of developing, in his words, "the most destructive weapon in the world".

Kissinger also mentioned artificial intelligence, warning that it was "changing human consciousness itself."

  According to Yahoo News, Kissinger spoke highly of the late former president during the commemoration of Reagan's 112th birthday, praising him as a "truth teller."

"Every current development requires a combination of power and mediation," he (Reagan) "knows better than anyone how to combine the elements of power and mediation." Kissinger said that Reagan never wavered in his own The belief that "America is most secure and prosperous when it is the leader shaping a stable world," he continued, "a stable world cannot be built on American isolationism."

Kissinger also said that the United States "needs another Reagan."

  Recently, Kissinger has repeatedly expressed his views on issues such as Sino-US relations and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

The 2023 annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos kicked off on January 16 in Davos, a small town in eastern Switzerland.

According to Bloomberg News, when Kissinger participated in the forum via video, he said that both China and the United States need to take limited and specific measures to improve the relationship between the world's two largest economies.

He also said that in the long run, Washington and Beijing should weigh the risk of conflict between the two countries, which not only compete in the development of artificial intelligence, but also possess nuclear weapons.

"All parties need to think for themselves how to deal with the destructive threat of weapons to human existence, and how to realize this when weapons are used." When it comes to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Kissinger changed his previous thinking. He believes that Ukraine's accession to NATO may be an "appropriate result" of Russia's "invasion", and at the same time he reiterated his call for a negotiated solution to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

(Source: World Wide Web)