At the request of the Turkish government, 82 members of the Chinese rescue team sent by the Chinese government arrived at the airport in the southern city of Adana in Turkey at about 3:30 local time on February 8 after a flight of about 10 hours. .

  At about 10 o'clock in the evening on February 7th, Beijing time, the Air China charter flight of the Chinese rescue team departed from the Capital Airport to the earthquake-stricken area.

As the first international heavy-duty urban search and rescue professional team dispatched by the Chinese government, the rescue team is mainly composed of personnel from the Beijing Fire and Rescue Corps, the China Earthquake Emergency Search and Rescue Center, and the Emergency General Hospital, carrying a total of 20 tons of search and rescue, communication, medical and other rescue materials and equipment and 4 search and rescue dogs.

After arriving in Turkey, the rescue team plans to conduct consultations with the local government, our embassy in Turkey, the United Nations and other relevant agencies to determine mission objectives and find a place to set up a temporary headquarters.

Then they will go to the mission area to carry out tasks such as personnel search and rescue, medical rescue, assessment of disaster development, and establishment of a "mobile hospital".

  The Chinese rescue team that went to Turkey this time is the first national-level comprehensive emergency rescue professional team established by the Ministry of Emergency Management. It was established on the basis of the Beijing Fire and Rescue Corps. In 2019, it passed the United Nations Heavy Equipment Urban Search and Rescue Capability Certification.

The team is equipped with professional teams for earthquakes, waters, and mountains.

He has traveled far to Mozambique for international rescue, and assisted in major domestic and foreign rescue tasks such as flood fighting and disaster relief in the "7.21 Xinxiang Heavy Rain".

  (CCTV reporter Zeng Wenfu CCTV news client)