China News Service, February 8. On the evening of the 7th local time, Biden delivered a State of the Union speech in front of almost all influential federal officials in the United States-including members of Congress, senior military officials, Supreme Court judges and senior government officials.

However, one minister "hid" and he was the "designated survivor" US Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh.

  It is reported that in order to prevent sudden disasters on Capitol Hill during the President's State of the Union speech, resulting in the death of the President, Vice President, Congressional leaders and cabinet members, and the paralysis of the regime, there must be a ministerial official absent to prevent accidents. took over the leadership of the country.

Image source: CNN

  CBS said that as the "designated survivor" of the State of the Union address, Walsh will be taken by the Secret Service to an undisclosed location where he will watch the speech on television.

Walsh will only be allowed to leave after President Biden, Vice President Harris and the other presidential successors return home safely from their speeches.

  The "Presidential Succession Act" passed by the United States in 1947 stipulates the order of succession after the death or incapacity of the president. The first is the vice president, followed by the speaker of the House of Representatives and the pro tempore speaker of the Senate.

  Then came the cabinet officials.

The ranking order of the cabinet is basically based on the time when the cabinet positions were established, namely Secretary of State, Minister of Finance, Minister of Defense, Minister of Justice, Minister of the Interior, Minister of Agriculture, etc.

But because these officials will all be present at the speech, the White House designated Walsh, who ranks 11th in the presidential line of succession, as the "designated survivor" to take over the government after the accident.

  The tradition of naming survivors in State of the Union addresses began in the 1950s because of Cold War fears of nuclear attack, but the federal government didn't publicly name the "designated survivors" until 1981, according to the National Constitution Center. .

  According to CNN statistics, the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Agriculture are tied for the most "designated survivor" positions, with 7 times each.

  Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo is a "designated survivor" for 2022.

She has said she was "very calm" when it came her turn as "designated survivor".

She was placed outside of Washington "doing my job like any other day".