More than 11,700 people have died in both Turkey and Syria so far in the quake that struck near the Syrian border in southern Turkey on the 6th.

As the survival rate is said to drop sharply, 72 hours after the outbreak approaches, desperate search and rescue operations are continuing at the site.

It summarizes the latest information such as the local situation and the movement of relief in each country.

(*The time difference between Japan and Turkey is 6 hours. In principle, it is written in Japan time.)

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Turkey earthquake summary of groups calling for donations and donations

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck southern Turkey early in the morning on the 6th and subsequent strong shaking caused a large number of buildings to collapse over a wide area in southern Turkey and neighboring Syria.

It is past 10:00 a.m. on the 9th in Japan time, and search and rescue operations are continuing in earnest in the area before 72 hours have passed since the outbreak, when the survival rate is said to drop sharply.

In Kahramanmaras, southern Turkey, which was severely damaged by the recent earthquake, 18 members of the Japan Disaster Relief Team's advance team entered the site, and on the 8th, more than 10 people were left behind in a destroyed four-story building. Based on the information that it was being destroyed, we were checking to see if there were any survivors.

Collapsed buildings and often blocked roads are everywhere in Kahramanmaras, greatly hampering rescue efforts.

Hideaki Yamamoto, head of the rescue team of the Japan Disaster Relief Team, said, "This is a very large earthquake and we need international support. There are aftershocks and the situation is tough, but we want to provide support that is close to the victims."

As of 2:30 am on the 9th of Japan time, the Turkish government announced that 9,057 people have died in Turkey and more than 52,900 people have been injured.

According to the Syrian Ministry of Health, 1,262 people have died so far in Syria, mainly in the northwest.

In addition, at least 1,400 people have been killed in those areas, according to relief efforts in Syrian rebel-held areas.

According to these announcements, more than 11,700 people have died in both Turkey and Syria in the series of earthquakes.

At an apartment building collapse site in southern Turkey near the epicenter

On the 8th, many citizens were watching the activities at the collapsed apartment site where the Japanese emergency relief team was searching in Kahramanmaras, southern Turkey, near the epicenter of the earthquake.

A Turkish man who said that his sister and her family were left behind on the third floor of the apartment said, "Immediately after the earthquake, my sister knocked something out of the collapsed apartment and made a sound. I heard him calling my name.I tried to rescue him with my neighbors, but it didn't work.I just hope he survives and gets rescued."