The crews of the naval aviation of the Baltic Fleet during the exercises worked out the interception of high-speed air targets and strikes at targets of a mock enemy.

As the press service of the Western Military District clarified, during training, the pilots performed elements of complex aerobatics.

“The Su-30SMs of the naval aviation of the fleet have worked out conditional strikes by air weapons against surface and ground targets in the sea and land ranges of the fleet,” the website of the defense department says.

“In particular, according to the plan of the training, the fighter crews, having occupied the specified search area, discovered the target, escorted it, and also worked out the actions to force the mock enemy aircraft to land on the airfield.”

The press service of the Western Military District reported that in total, about ten aircraft of the naval aviation of the Baltic Fleet were involved in the exercises.

Successors of the Su-27

Recall that the two-seat multi-role fighters Su-30SM (serial, modernized) of the 4 ++ generation belong to the family of aircraft developed on the basis of the Soviet heavy fighter Su-27.

As follows from the materials of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) PJSC, the Su-30SMs are highly maneuverable, equipped with a phased array radar, thrust vector control engines and front horizontal tail.

  • Su-30 at the Russian Khmeimim base in Syria

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These machines are designed to destroy enemy air targets, including against the background of the ground, as well as ground or surface targets, infrastructure facilities covered by air defense systems and located at considerable distances from the base airfield.

Moreover, the Su-30SM can perform tasks day and night, even in adverse weather conditions.

They are also used for aerial reconnaissance and training of pilots for flights on promising multifunctional super-maneuverable single-seat fighters.

As noted on the Rosoboronexport website, the Su-30SM are capable of effectively overcoming air defense systems and have high combat power due to the large mass of delivered combat load, which reaches 8 tons.

According to information from open sources, the aircraft is armed with a 30-mm GSh-301 cannon, and also has 12 hardpoints that can accommodate various missile and bomb weapons.

These can be both air-to-air and air-to-ground guided missiles, as well as blocks with S-8 and S-13 unguided missiles, as well as air bombs of the KAB-250, KAB-500 and KAB-1500 families, others ammunition.

It is worth noting that, on the instructions of the Ministry of Defense, the Su-30SMs were modernized, and at present, versions under the Su-30SM2 index are entering service with the Aerospace Forces.

As noted in Rostec, the new machines received an improved complex of on-board radio-electronic equipment.

The combat capabilities of aircraft have also increased.

“In particular, the range of detection and identification of air targets has increased.

New high-precision means of destroying air, ground and sea targets at a distance of several hundred kilometers have been introduced into the armament of fighters, ”the state corporation notes.

At the same time, according to analysts, the most modern machine in the Su-27 successor family at the moment is the Su-35 fighter.

When it was created, innovative technologies were used, which were then used in the production of the fifth generation Su-57 machine.

As noted in the UAC, the 35th model combines the qualities of a modern fighter and a tactical aircraft.

“The difference between the Su-30SM and Su-35 is purely technical: avionics, control systems and jamming.

In general, these are similar machines in appearance, and they are built in approximately the same way, ”said aviation historian Nikolai Bodrikhin in an interview with RT.

"Very robust construction"

Su-30SM fighters are actively used by the Russian Aerospace Forces during a special operation in Ukraine.

So, in April 2022, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation demonstrated footage of Su-30SM and Su-35 sorties.

As reported, the fighters then destroyed the Ukrainian radar and anti-aircraft complex "Buk-M1".

Subsequently, the Defense Ministry repeatedly published footage of Su-30SM patrols in the NVO zone, both in the daytime and at night.

  • Multipurpose fighter Su-35 of the Russian Aerospace Forces involved in a special military operation

During such patrols, the Su-30SM, paired with the Su-35, destroyed several aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In particular, the defeat of Ukrainian aircraft in the sky was reported in October and November.

At the same time, as noted in the Ministry of Defense, within the framework of the NMD, Russian fighters most often work on ground targets, since Ukrainian aircraft rarely take to the air: “Due to complete air supremacy, pilots mainly use air-to-ground missiles during combat missions” and only very rarely "air-air".

Previously, the Su-30SM were also involved in the military operation in Syria.

There, these and other fighters mainly performed the tasks of covering the Russian bomber aircraft, which attacked terrorist targets.

The editor-in-chief of the portal, Roman Gusarov, called the Su-30SM a "universal adaptive machine."

It is this type of combat aircraft, in his opinion, that is most in demand in the conditions of modern combat.

“Tons of various equipment can be attached to the Su-30SM, reprofiling it for the current combat mission.

The range and carrying capacity of this machine allow you to create many modifications with different types of weapons.

The range of tasks that this aircraft can perform is very wide.

Of course, he will not complete some very specific types of tasks that are intended, for example, for strategic bombers, but in terms of attack and fighter aircraft, the Su-30SM has few competitors, ”said the RT interlocutor.

In turn, Nikolai Bodrikhin noted that today the Su-30SM is one of the best aircraft in the world in its class.

“This is a modern fighter.

It has outstanding electronic interference equipment.

The same can be said about intelligence systems.

Do not forget that it was made on the basis of the Su-27, which has proven itself perfectly.

It has two engines, a very reliable design.

In addition, it is unpretentious in operation, as well as more economical and cheaper compared to American counterparts.

Undoubtedly, this is a very good car, ”the expert emphasized.

According to Roman Gusarov, the Su-30SM show high efficiency during the NWO.

“The machine performs many universal tasks that the military command puts before the pilots.

In general, I would rate its effectiveness as very, very high, ”he explained.

A similar opinion is shared by Nikolai Bodrikhin.

“The Su-30SM have proven themselves well before the SVO and now they show themselves very solidly.

It is also important that the Su-30SM is already well mastered by the pilots - this facilitates their operation in combat conditions.

During the special operation, the Su-30SM, being a universal machine, perform many tasks, but it must be admitted that there are no real opponents for them in the air now.

However, even if Western fighters are supplied to Ukraine, Russian aircraft will be stronger, ”the expert concluded.