, February 7th. According to a report by "Macau Daily", two local men in Macau assisted the prostitution group in managing the discussion forum for prostitution. One of them was a civil servant who had been working for 30 years.

The Macau Judicial Police conducted a follow-up investigation into a prostitution syndicate case uncovered last year and identified the two suspects. They were arrested in Taipa and Central District on the 6th. During the investigation, the suspects admitted to committing the crime.

  According to reports, the person involved is surnamed Wu, male, 58 years old, a Macao resident, and has been a civil servant since 1992.

Another suspect named Gu, male, 38 years old, a Macau resident, restaurant manager.

The police charged him with crimes of criminal group and manipulation of prostitution, and handed it over to the Procuratorate for follow-up.

  According to the report, last year Macau police smashed a large-scale prostitution syndicate that recruited prostitutes through discussion forums and arrested 19 people involved in the case.

Based on the large amount of computer forensic data seized, the police identified the identity of the suspect after analysis and investigation, and took action on the 6th.

During the investigation, Wu admitted that he started as the deputy administrator of the forum 10 years ago, assisting the arrested mastermind surnamed Ouyang to manage the discussion forum, was responsible for formulating the rules of the forum, and implemented deletions, bans, and bans on illegal posts and accounts. During the operation, several transfers of RMB 500 to RMB 800 were received from Ouyang.

  Another suspect, Gu Mou, also admitted to being the "moderator" of the two forums of the discussion area, responsible for the daily supervision and inspection of the discussion area, reporting the violations online and implementing punishments.

  According to the police investigation, based on the calculation of 300 yuan per post, the above-mentioned prostitution group has made more than 12 million yuan in profits. The police will continue to investigate the case to find out whether anyone is at large.