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Princess Eleanor spends the last three months at UWC Atlantic College,

a boarding school in Wales

where she arrived two years ago and where she will finish the school year on May 20.

However, the Royal Family's link with this school will continue for at least two more years since, as reported by Zarzuela last Monday, the Infanta Sofía will also study the international baccalaureate at this prestigious center.

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Shared showers and 'progressive' education for Princess Leonor

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Shared showers and 'progressive' education for Princess Leonor

It is to be hoped that, as happened in the case of Princess Leonor, throughout this time


more academic details of the Infanta will emerge.

In these two courses, despite the fact that the Welsh boarding school has a very active Instagram account,

no image of the Heiress

to the Throne participating in activities has appeared.

Yes, there was a snapshot of Princess

Alexia of the Netherlands,

who participated in a march against climate change.

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But precisely the school networks now give more information about the life of the Princess and the Infanta in the school and shows

the place where they rest.

In a post on Instagram, the boarding school boasts of the


they carried out a year ago at

Powys House

, the student house.

"It was completely renovated

last year

and I think we all agree that it

looks fantastic

and makes a

total difference

for our students," they say in the text.

It should be remembered that all students stay in rooms

separated by sex

, with capacity for

four students

, all of different nationalities.

In each room they have a

single bed

with a trundle underneath that houses four drawers.

Built-in next to the headboard,

a study table

with more drawers and a total of

four shelves

on the wall to place things.

Also each student has the right to a

small closet.


showers are shared,

however, in each room there is a

tiny toilet

, with just enough space to house a toilet and a toilet paper dispenser.

In the common areas of each house, where several rooms come together, they have a

continuous dining table

and one wall has

a kitchen

installed with storage space,

three refrigerators and a

stove to cook on weekends, since they have daily lunch included.

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