“In general, everything related to the quality of toys, first of all, what they are made of, what composition and certification of toys is mandatory for Russian legislation.

Accordingly, if the quality expertise also includes analytics and expertise on their impact on the psychology and further development of the child, naturally, this will only be a plus for the family and for the children, ”said the interlocutor of RT.

According to him, it is important that the expertise is done at the highest level, so that no disputes arise. 

“If the time has come, then it is necessary to take on this skillfully, competently, with the involvement of the parent community,” he concluded.

Earlier, Milonov proposed to evaluate the influence of modern toys on the patriotic upbringing of a child.

He emphasized that today's toys and games, especially those made outside the country, often do not carry pedagogical and cultural values, and in some cases "distort children's perception of Russian spiritual and moral values, plant and promote an alien culture and promote antisocial behavior."