“Airports are in chaos.

Both those who want to help and those who have relatives here gathered there,” she said.

According to her, people simply take tickets to the affected areas, and upon arrival they are already distributed.

“Now the main help is to get people out from under the rubble.

Women are needed to distribute humanitarian aid.

My friends have already been at the airport for seven hours, until they can fly away, I am waiting for a connection from them, ”the girl said.

She also added that mostly volunteers from neighboring regions are now helping, who can get there in their cars, despite the terrible state of the roads.

Earlier it was reported that the first group of rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia reached their place of deployment in the province of Kahramanmarash, which was most affected by the earthquake, and will soon begin search and rescue operations.

Up to 3,432 people have died and 21,103 others have been injured as a result of tremors in Turkey, according to the latest data.

The Newinform edition reported that more than 100 Russian rescuers arrived in Turkey, which suffered from powerful earthquakes.