This is stated in the comments of the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

She called the explanations that Beijing gave about the entry of a balloon into US airspace as a result of force majeure circumstances quite sufficient and understandable.

“China acted responsibly in this difficult situation, which cannot be said about the impulsive reaction of Washington and the American media: it is difficult to call it otherwise than hysterical,” Zakharova said.

According to her, Washington continues “for far-fetched reasons, and more often without them, to denigrate and demonize states” that do not intend to “dance to their tune.” 

On February 4, the US military shot down a Chinese balloon that had entered US airspace.

China called such a move excessive.

According to the Pentagon, the balloon was used to monitor US strategic facilities.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry explained that the balloon was used for scientific research.