The police do not have a picture of the motive behind the shooting in Åker's mill last night.

Four people are still in custody, reasonably suspected of attempted murder and aggravated weapons offences.

The police in Sörmland see the shooting as a sign that gun violence is spreading.

- We are facing a national challenge with firearm violence.

In the same way that the big cities had the problem and were affected, in the same way smaller cities are now affected and that is where we stand, says Christoffer Bohman.

Asking the public for help

As they do not have the situation picture completely clear to them, the police are now asking the public for help to bring in witnesses and further information about what has happened.

- Information is important to us.

The easiest way to tip off the police is online, says Christoffer Bohman.

In the clip, you hear Christoffer Bohman about the potential connection to the explosion in Åker's sawmill last summer.