“Determination exists, it will remain, because we are convinced that there is a structural problem in our pay-as-you-go pension system,” said the deputy at the microphone of Sud Radio on the morning of a new day. action against raising the retirement age from 62 to 64.

"This reform is not intended to solve all the imperfections of the system (but) there are still improvements", he insisted, while the text has been examined since Monday afternoon in the hemicycle of the Assembly.

"It is true that on January 31 (2nd day of mobilization, editor's note), there were people, especially in medium-sized towns", he added, referring to "many French people who are worried about the consequences of this reform.

For him, "the role of parliamentary debate is to try to convince some".

"We know that we will not convince everyone, there is not a single pension reform that has been popular in history," he recalled.

Repeating his "ardent" wish that the text be adopted without going through Article 49.3 (which allows adoption without a vote except for a motion of censure), he considered that "if we cannot reach a majority on such an important text , you have to ask yourself the question of looking for another one".

"We were not elected to manage current affairs for 4 years", observed this very close to Emmanuel Macron.

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