Northern Syria

- A member of the Civil Defense carries a child crying with joy after being able to rescue him in the Syrian town of Basnya, northwest of Idlib near the border with Turkey.

Civilians near the child started shouting “Allah is Greater” after 5 civilians were rescued, including 3 children who had been stuck under the rubble for 36 hours.

Rescue workers help a stranded family member get out of the rubble of his house (Al-Jazeera)

Samer Al-Omar, one of the rescuers, said in an interview with Al-Jazeera Net, "After losing hope, and living many hours of terror because none of those trapped under the rubble left, a family including a man, his wife and 3 of his children was taken out."

And about how he felt at the moment of saving civilians, Al-Omar said, "We are crying with joy, after we were crying from helplessness. We gave them oxygen after they almost suffocated due to the earthquake, and now they are in hospitals and are in good health."

The people of Bisnia are awaiting joyful news about the recovery of a family of 5 (Al-Jazeera)

The towns of Bisnia and Jandiris are located in the countryside of Aleppo, close to the Syrian-Turkish border.

One of the areas in Syria most affected by the disaster, where hundreds of civilians languish under the rubble of their homes.