It was only intended as a short thing, maybe six months or so.

Katerina Shabratska from eastern Ukraine had seen that there was a job as an artistic director far from her homeland, on Svalbard far up in the Norwegian Arctic.

But after just over six months, she had become enchanted by the place and the months turned into years.

A total of four, before she finally decided to move back.

- I went back to Ukraine and continued working in Kharkiv, says Katerina Shabratska.

Then came the war.

Sudden escape

Katerina Shabratska simply did not know what to do.

Kharkiv, in eastern Ukraine, came under heavy attack from the invading Russian forces.

When the opportunity came, she decided to escape.

The friends in Svalbard bought the plane ticket that took her back to the Arctic.

- I knew I had friends here, that I had support, she says.

Support concert in the polar night

But even though Katerina Shabratska was now safe, she felt a strong need to do something for her homeland, where her family and friends remain.

For months, she and her friends prepared a support concert in the Norwegian settlement of Longyearbyen, a concert held in November.

Together with local choirs, they performed songs about Ukraine and gave presentations about Ukrainian culture.

- I have no right to sit and do nothing when I can help, says Katerina Shabratska and continues:

- I'm a creative person with friends who want to help, so why not a concert?