China News Agency, Beijing, February 7 (Reporter Guo Chaokai) Two consecutive 7.8-magnitude earthquakes occurred in Turkey on the 6th, causing heavy casualties and property losses.

Several Chinese rescue teams carried multiple search and rescue dogs and professional rescue equipment to the earthquake-stricken areas of Turkey to carry out international rescue.

  So far, the strong earthquake has killed more than 5,000 people in Turkey and Syria.

According to incomplete statistics, at present, many rescue forces, such as the Chinese Rescue Team, the Ram Rescue Team, the Blue Sky Rescue Team, and the Shenzhen Public Welfare Rescue Team, are currently or are about to go to the earthquake-stricken areas in Turkey.

  At the request of the Turkish government, the Chinese government sent a Chinese rescue team to Turkey for international rescue.

On the afternoon of February 7th, Beijing time, the Chinese rescue team took an Air China chartered flight from Capital Airport to the disaster-stricken area.

  According to the unified deployment, the Ministry of Emergency Management of China sent 82 members of the Chinese rescue team to the disaster area with 4 search and rescue dogs, rescue equipment and supplies.

The rescue team is mainly composed of personnel from the Beijing Fire and Rescue Corps, the China Earthquake Emergency Search and Rescue Center, and the Emergency General Hospital.

  This time, the Chinese rescue team flew to the earthquake-stricken area in Turkey with 21 tons of rescue equipment and support materials.

In order to ensure the work and life of the 82 members of the Chinese rescue team, the Chinese rescue team brought drinking water, instant noodles, canned food, rescue tools, demolition tools and other materials that can guarantee 14 days of life and work.

  On the same day, China's first social rescue force, the Ram Rescue Team, left for Turkey from Hangzhou, Zhejiang, and is expected to arrive at the earthquake-stricken site on the 8th local time.

The Ram Rescue Team will go to the most severely damaged areas in Turkey by the earthquake.

The advance team consisted of 8 earthquake rescue experts with rich experience in international rescue. They carried advanced radar life search equipment, demolition rescue equipment and 1 search and rescue dog.

  It is understood that the Ram Rescue Team was established in 2008. It is an international professional rescue team specializing in emergency response to disasters and accidents. It has undertaken 287 international and domestic rescue missions so far.

  After learning the news of the earthquake, the Blue Sky Rescue Team started emergency rescue work immediately.

The team in the blue sky rescue system plans to send the first echelon of 60 people to carry medium-sized rescue equipment and 2 search and rescue dogs. It will set off for Istanbul, Turkey on February 8 and is expected to return on the 20.

  According to public information, the Blue Sky Rescue Team, established in 2007, is a non-government professional and independent purely public welfare emergency rescue organization in China.

The organization has brand authorization teams in 31 provinces across the country. More than 30,000 volunteers across the country have undergone professional training and certification, and have participated in rescue activities in Wenchuan, Yushu, the Philippines, Myanmar and other places in China.

  According to the news from the Shenzhen Public Welfare Rescue Team, after emergency consultation and judgment, the team decided to launch the "Turkey 0206 Earthquake International Disaster Relief Action", and sent an advance team to the earthquake-stricken areas of Turkey to carry out international rescue; currently it is docking with the Chinese embassy in Turkey The embassy, ​​the Turkish embassy in China, local overseas Chinese organizations, Chinese-funded institutions and other units will implement the itinerary.

  Deng Boqing, deputy director of the China International Development Cooperation Agency, said in an interview on the 7th that the Chinese government immediately launched an emergency humanitarian assistance mechanism and decided to provide emergency assistance to Turkey and Syria.

The first batch will provide 40 million yuan of emergency aid to Turkey, including dispatching heavy-duty urban rescue teams and medical teams to provide urgently needed disaster relief materials; and coordinate the provision of urgently needed disaster relief materials to Syria, and speed up the implementation of ongoing food aid project.