“It remains to squeeze, there is a little left.

The most difficult thing, I think, we have already passed, ”say the fighters of the 103rd regiment.

According to the soldiers, the AFU militants built a system of trenches in the city.

It led directly to the courtyards of residential buildings and connected the basements.

Along these passages, the Ukrainian military could move over a distance of more than 100 m.

“They took (one of the houses. -


) for a week and a half: from day to day - an assault, it was hard, the battles were long, from one and a half to six hours a day.

Plus, again, fortified houses nearby, a garage.

It’s hard to approach the house: everything is mined, ”said the commander of the assault platoon with the call sign Compass.

It is specified that mines in the city are a problem not only for the Russian army, but also for the Ukrainian one.

The fighters of the engineering units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who laid mines before the start of the battles for Marinka, were either already killed, or captured, or went missing along with maps of mined areas.

This makes it difficult for the Ukrainian military to maneuver off-road and deliver reinforcements.

To reduce the likelihood of mine explosions and avoid hitting artillery, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are forced to use "fox trails" in the area of ​​​​the neighboring villages of Paraskovievka, Novomikhailovka and Konstantinovka.

The Konstantinovka-Marinka highway, as well as the road from neighboring Georgievka, can no longer be safely used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

These areas are under fire from Russian artillery.

Earlier, RT military commander Murad Gazdiev provided a video from the combat area in Marinka.