Russia's Foreign Minister Lavrov has started visiting African countries following last month, and is believed to be aiming to strengthen ties with developing countries. I am letting you.

On the 7th, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov started a tour of three African countries, and held a foreign ministers' meeting in the first country he visited, Mali in West Africa.

In Mali, it has been pointed out that the Russian private military company Wagner may have been involved in the operation to wipe out Islamic extremists carried out by the military that took control of the coup d'état, and the West has expressed concern over Russia's growing influence.

At a joint press conference after the talks, Foreign Minister Lavrov emphasized, "The Western side is negative about our relationship. They will try to bring colonial methods to Africa, but Russia will oppose them."

Just last month, Foreign Minister Lavrov visited four African countries, including South Africa, and Russia has strengthened ties with emerging and developing countries called the "Global South" to counter the Western side's increased military support for Ukraine. It seems that there is also an aim to do.

At a meeting held at the Ministry of Defense on the 7th, Russian Defense Minister Shoigu also commented on the West, saying, "The United States and its allies are trying to prolong the conflict as long as possible. The conflict may expand to unpredictable levels." I checked it out.