, February 7 (Xinhua) According to a report by The Wall Street Journal on the 5th, Twitter intends to charge corporate users a monthly brand certification fee of US$1,000.

According to US media, under the leadership of Twitter CEO Musk, Twitter will continue to seek to earn more income from its previously free services.

  News of the high price charged for Gold Label certification ("Gold V") was first tweeted by social media consultant Matt Navarra, citing technology magazine The Information. disclosure.

He reviewed the company's internal documents, and Musk floated the idea of ​​charging a premium in late 2022.

Data map: Musk.

  According to reports, enterprise users need to pay $1,000 per month to purchase the "Golden V", otherwise the mark will be cancelled.

Additionally, linked accounts for businesses will be charged an additional $50 per month, since Twitter previously allowed business users to place a small hyperlink of the business logo next to their linked user accounts.

  At present, the pricing scheme has not been finalized, and it is unknown when this change will take effect.

Under the new subscription model, government officials can verify their identities with a free gray badge.

  According to the US Business Insider website, Twitter did not immediately respond to this.

However, Musk responded to a question about verification on the 3rd, claiming that in the next few months, the "old blue V" verification account remaining before the launch of the Twitter Blue subscription service will be deleted.

  On November 5, 2022, Twitter officially launched a new Twitter Blue subscription service, charging $8 per month to provide users with a blue certification mark (“Blue V”) – this certification mark was previously only available to celebrities, political figures and Only journalists can get it.

However, about a week after the launch of the subscription service, it was urgently suspended due to the surge of fake accounts on Twitter.

Then in mid-December 2022, the service will come back online.