• 7:25 a.m .: a breakthrough by Russian troops “unlikely” in the coming weeks

In their latest update on the situation in Ukraine, British intelligence believes that it is "highly likely that Russia will attempt to relaunch major offensive operations in Ukraine since early January 2023. Its operational objective is almost certainly to capture the parts of Donetsk Oblast still held by the Ukrainians".

"Russian forces have managed to gain only a few hundred meters of territory per week. This is most certainly due to the fact that Russia does not have the ammunition and maneuver units necessary for successful offensives."

"It remains unlikely that Russia will be able to build up the forces necessary to materially influence the outcome of the war in the weeks to come."

  • 1:22 a.m .: Kamala Harris will go to the Munich security conference in mid-February

US Vice President Kamala Harris will travel to Germany from Feb. 16-18 to attend the annual Munich Security Conference, her spokeswoman said Monday.

She will use this event, which brings together leaders from around the world and will take place almost a year after the start of the "brutal and unprovoked Russian invasion", to "underline transatlantic unity and determination", according to a press release. by Kirsten Allen.

Kamala Harris' trip is also intended to illustrate "the global leadership of the United States" and its "enduring commitment to supporting Ukraine".

The vice president will deliver a speech and meet with leaders, a way of "continuing (the) diplomatic engagement" American on the war in Ukraine and "other regional or global issues", said his spokesperson.

The 59th edition of the Munich Security Conference will be held from February 17 to 19.

  • 1:01 a.m .: real estate held in an opaque way in the United Kingdom by oligarchs

Nearly 52,000 properties are still held anonymously in the United Kingdom, some by "kleptocrats and oligarchs", despite the entry into force of rules requiring them to reveal their identity, denounced Tuesday the NGO Transparency International in a report.

The organization has identified 'over £6.7bn of UK property purchased with suspect funds', the majority of which was held through opaque offshore companies, in particular luxury properties in uptown London .

More than 20% of this sum comes from Russia, in particular for the benefit of people "subject to sanctions and close to the Kremlin", specifies the NGO

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