China News Service, February 7th, according to Taiwan's "United Daily News", the former chairman of the Kuomintang Lien Chan held a new book "Memoirs of Lien Chan" in the Chiang Ching-kuo Library on the 7th.

In his speech, he expressed the hope that the two sides of the strait can walk the road of peace and common prosperity, and that children and grandchildren will no longer be affected by the flames of war.

Ma Ying-jeou, Zhu Lilun and others attended and delivered speeches.

Lien Chan held a launch event for his new book "Memoirs of Lien Chan" on the 7th.

Image source: screenshot of Tianxia Culture live broadcast

  Lien Chan said that he is 87 years old. Looking back on his life, from studying, studying abroad, teaching to working in government departments, and then leading the Kuomintang, he was promoted by his elders and assisted by his colleagues at different stages. He is very grateful.

He said that he has served in the public service for more than a quarter of a century. On issues including improving cross-strait relations, "we have done our best, and we are worthy of the country and the nation."

  In his speech, Ma Ying-jeou, the former leader of the Taiwan region, expressed his deep gratitude to Lien Chan's cultivation, and said that in terms of cross-strait relations, Lien Chan's ice-breaking trip to the mainland in 2005 made a great contribution to the peaceful development of cross-strait relations.

  Chairman of the Kuomintang, Zhu Lilun, expressed his gratitude to Lien Chan for embarking on a cross-strait peace journey. The Kuomintang insisted on taking the right path, so that people on both sides of the strait can live a stable and peaceful life.

He said that Xia Liyan, vice chairman of the Kuomintang, will visit the mainland tomorrow (8th).

  According to previous reports, "Memoirs of Lien Chan" was published by Tianxia Culture Publishing Company. It took 15 years from writing to publication, with a total of 450,000 words. It was published in January 2023.

The book is divided into two volumes, "My Road to Yongping" and "From Breaking the Ice to Yongping".

The book also publishes seven key manuscripts that have never been exposed, including the content of the "Election Night" speech that was canceled on the day of the "March 19 shooting" in 2004.