In addition, 25% of Russians believe that there is not enough children's content about heroes and epic characters, 13% would come up with new superheroes, 11% would recycle stories from Soviet animation, 9% sympathize with folklore characters - brownies, kikimors and others, the study says. Rambler&Co.

In general, the majority of Russians surveyed (82%) are sure that more projects about Russian original characters should be created for children.

The remaining 18% do not agree with this and think that they are enough.

More than a third (35%) of those respondents who welcome new content about national heroes say it is necessary for children to get to know their culture and history.

It is noted that 29% of the survey participants believe that this will help develop the right values, 21% - that modern children should have their own heroes.

15% of survey participants added that the production of such content stimulates the country's economy.

Among the survey participants were 80% of the respondents-parents, 20% of the children do not.

According to the answers of moms and dads, 31% of the guys are already interested in Russian fairy tales or comics, 23% do not like fictional worlds, 17% watch content about superheroes, 9% are fond of oriental anime and manga.

44% of Russians name films, cartoons and TV series as the most ideal format for new stories about Russian heroes, 27% - video games.

According to 19% of respondents, children can be interested in books, 5% noted comics and another 5% - podcasts. 

In total, more than 315 thousand Internet users took part in the survey.

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