Stanislav Shevchuk

, a Russian citizen that the US government links to an ultra-nationalist and terrorist group, the Russian Imperial Movement (Mir), close to

Vladimir Putin

and with connections to other organizations of the European extreme right, works from the past month of January at the Barcelona City Council as a technician in the department of municipal licenses.

The hiring of Shevchuck by the administration of

Ada Colau

, revealed by the digital Tot Barcelona, ​​has unleashed a strong controversy in the consistory.

Most of the opposition groups will ask in commission the reasons for the incorporation of this controversial Russian lawyer who has been living in the Catalan capital for several years.


Daniel Sirera

, PP candidate for mayor, has extended the request for explanations to the Government of Spain: "How is it possible that a Russian citizen, with such a record, can circulate calmly through our country without having been expelled?"

The PP has requested that the Prosecutor's Office act.


The US Department of the Treasury deemed Shevchuk, in June 2022, a "key supporter of the ethnically motivated violent extremist group" known as the RIM.

The US government agency then reported that Shevchuk traveled to the United States in 2017 "with the aim of establishing connections between the RIM and white nationalist groups and far-right extremists", and spoke on behalf of the group at rallies in Europe.

The same statement from the US Department of the Treasury recalls that the RIM was previously designated by the State Department as "a global terrorist organization, specially designated on April 7, 2020 for having provided training for acts of terrorism."

US intelligence links the RIM, which has sent fighters to Ukraine to join Putin's offensive, participated in a series of terrorist attacks in Sweden against refugees in 2016 and 2017.

Municipal sources have explained to Europa Press that this person joined the municipal Licensing team on January 16 through the Internship Bags for Higher Technician in Law.

The City Council is not aware of any information from the police and judicial authorities that has prevented "until now" their hiring, and that they are at the disposal of what these same authorities request or report.


The leader of Valents,

Eva Parera

, has asked Mayor Colau for explanations about the presence of the Russian extremist and has questioned that the consistory does not have "controls to detect and prevent the hiring of a person linked to an organization qualified by the US .as a terrorist and violent extremist group".

The ERC spokesman at the City Council, Jordi Coronas, has said that they will ask human resources to investigate "the relationship and possible criminal acts", and take the appropriate measures, assessing whether or not to remove this person from the job in question , have detailed sources of formation.

For its part, the municipal group of

Junts has confirmed to Europa Press that they will take this matter to the Ecology and Urbanism commission next week.

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