China News Service, February 6th According to CNN, citing Turkish media reports, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake occurred in southern Turkey on the 6th, causing the collapse of an ancient castle in Gaziantep, which has a history of thousands of years. It is a world cultural heritage designated by UNESCO.

  "Parts of the fortress in the east, south and southeast of the Gaziantep Kasbah in the Sahinbey region of Gaziantep were destroyed by the earthquake and debris scattered on the ground," Turkey's Anadolu Agency reported.

  "The railings around the Kasbah were scattered on the surrounding pavement, and the retaining wall next to it also collapsed. In some of the bastions, large cracks were visible," Anadolu Agency wrote.

  The dome and east wall of the 17th-century Şirvani Mosque, which is located next to the Kasbah, also partially collapsed, Anadolu Agency added.

  According to the data, Gaziantep Castle was first built in the Roman period from the 2nd to the 4th century AD as a watchtower.

In the 6th century AD, the castle was expanded and consisted of 12 towers with a circumference of 1200 meters.

  According to the latest news, the strong earthquake in Turkey has killed more than 500 people in Turkey and Syria and injured nearly 3,000 people.