• Analysis Alarm in the PSOE for the cost of 'yes is yes': "This botch kills us"

The PSOE had already warned that it would do so with or without United We Can.

And in the end "probably" will be the second option.

Unless agreed in extremis, his parliamentary group is going to register alone this Monday in the Congress of Deputies the proposal to reform the law of only yes is yes to try to curb the "undesired effects" of the norm.

Since its entry into force, more than 400 sexual offenders have benefited from a reduction in their sentences.

What Pedro Sánchez's party is now proposing is to raise the penalties that were reduced in the legal text promoted by Irene Montero's Ministry of Equality, which despite initial resistance had finally agreed to tweak it.

However, until now the government partners have not agreed on how. For this reason, in the absence of final concretion, the Socialists have decided to unilaterally register the reform proposal, as

El País

has advanced .

For practical purposes, this implies that if Patxi López's group does not reach an agreement with Unidas Podemos during the process, they will need the support of the PP to be able to carry out the change.

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