Remote work during the pandemic has meant that more and more civil servants are demanding to work remotely, already at the job interview.

- There is an expectation to offer it.

If we facilitate flexibility, we become more attractive, says Stefan Lööf, who is HR manager at the Västerbotten County Administrative Board.

The County Administrative Board has a policy that you can work 60 percent remotely.

Umeå Energi's policy is that the majority of the work must be carried out in the office.

No limit at some workplaces

But other employers have no limits at all.

This is the case, for example, at Northvolt in Skellefteå.

- We don't have a general distance policy, you have to settle that with your boss, writes Anders Thor who is head of community relations at Northvolt, in an email.

At Umeå University and Volvo trucks in Umeå, you also agree with your boss how much remote work is okay.

In the clip, you will hear more about how remote work works at the county administrative board and the pros and cons of working remotely.