After a change in the law, municipalities can now mark out special bicycle streets.

This means, among other things, that it is the speed of the cyclists that controls the pace on the street.

- Narrow streets, where there is no room for cycle lanes, are excellent cycle streets.

Not least to increase traffic safety, says Lars Strömgren (MP).

Surbrunnsgatan is designated as one of the city's main cycle routes in the long-term cycle plan that the city of Stockholm follows.

- It is set up for longer car queues, regardless of whether you have an electric car or not.

Do you think about the consequences, or are you just looking to prevent people from taking the car at any given time, says opposition councilor Dennis Wedin (M).

That's how much Stockholm has paid for bicycle traffic

The cost of the new red bicycle lane is estimated to be SEK 23 million, and in ten years the city of Stockholm has invested over SEK 2.1 billion in bicycle infrastructure.

A decision must be made in the traffic committee on February 16, and the bike lane is supposed to be ready before the end of the year.

See what the new cycleway will look like and where it will go - in the video.