According to the "Notice on the Comprehensive Resumption of Personnel Exchanges Between the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macao" issued by the Comprehensive Group of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council, in order to provide greater convenience for the personnel exchanges between the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macao, from 00:00 on February 6, the personnel exchanges between the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macao will be fully resumed .

Cancellation of appointment clearance arrangements for entry and exit via land ports in Guangdong and Hong Kong, and no quota for customs clearance personnel.

Resume group tours between mainland residents and Hong Kong and Macau.

  In terms of port operation, all land entry and exit ports including Luohu Port, Heung Yuen Wai/Liantang Port, and Lok Ma Chau/Huanggang Port will be fully opened, and freight services at Sha Tau Kok Port will also resume.

All ports will resume their pre-COVID-19 operating hours, and all travel inspection services at the ports have also resumed.

Among them, the Heung Yuen Wai/Liantang Port opened the "customs clearance" service for cargo in August 2020, and the "customs clearance" service for passengers was launched for the first time.

The Lok Ma Chau Port in Hong Kong has resumed 24-hour customs clearance service starting from midnight today, and no longer implements the entry and exit appointment mechanism to provide greater convenience for people from the mainland, Hong Kong and Macau.

  A reporter from China Central Radio and Television saw at the port that the first batch of passengers whose customs clearance has fully resumed is entering the mainland from Hong Kong. The overall customs clearance situation is safe, orderly and smooth.

  According to the relevant spirit of the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the Overall Plan for the Implementation of "Class B and B Controls" for Novel Coronavirus Infection, from 00:00 on February 6, 2023, the measures for personnel exchanges between the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macao will be further optimized.

In terms of remote testing, people entering Hong Kong and Macau who have no travel history in foreign countries or other overseas regions within 7 days do not need to enter the country with a negative nucleic acid test result for new coronavirus infection; if they have a history of travel in foreign countries or other overseas regions within 7 days, The governments of the Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions will inspect their negative nucleic acid test certificates for new coronavirus infection 48 hours before their departure, and those with negative results will be allowed to enter the mainland (infants and young children under 3 years old are exempt from nucleic acid testing).

The cross-border passenger transport unit will inform passengers of the above nucleic acid testing requirements when selling tickets.

  In terms of entry quarantine, starting today, arrivals from Hong Kong and Macao will complete the necessary customs clearance procedures with the customs health declaration code upon arrival at the port.

Those who have a normal health declaration and no abnormality in the routine quarantine at the customs port can be released to enter the society.

Those with abnormal health declarations or symptoms such as fever will be tested by the customs.

If the test result is positive, after entering the country, they should be quarantined at home or in residence or seek medical treatment as required.

If the result is negative, the customs will implement routine quarantine in accordance with the "Frontier Health and Quarantine Law of the People's Republic of China" and other laws and regulations.

After entering the country, abide by the local epidemic prevention and control requirements.

In addition, the requirement for rapid antigen testing for visitors from Macau to Hong Kong will be cancelled, and the requirement for vaccinations for non-Hong Kong residents before arriving in Hong Kong will also be cancelled.

  Zhou Weiqi Zhu Dan Jindong Huang Yaozu Su Zijie

  (CCTV news client)