How do you prefer to work: from home, in the office or a mixture?

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3 min

Bogumiła Kallin started working from home during the pandemic and has continued to work from the home office four out of five days.

Hybrid work common after the pandemic – surveyor Bogumiła in Örnsköldsvik works from home and in the office

Nanny Lögdal

SVT Reporter

23 min

Home workers •

Preferably only work from home.

Gets a lot more work done from home than in the office.

Also keeps me more healthy than when I'm in the office.

In the office, there is always someone who is crass who should really stay at home.

In the office there are many loud and stressful people that you avoid in a home environment.

In general, everything flows much better at home than in the office, and if you need to contact each other, there are digital tools for that.

26 min

Pimpe •

I get so much more time at my job when I can work undisturbed.

I am incredibly much less tired in the evenings, which gives an enormous increase in quality of life.

Just the feeling of not having to spend 2.5 hours per day on travel time, make-up, hair, packing all the things and stressing like crazy to catch up is unbeatable.

Honestly, working from home is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

44 min

Office Santa •

Being able to work from home more than half of the time is such a huge luxury for me.

I get a weekday where I have more time and energy left after I finish work for the day.

On the other hand, it is clear that the social aspect at work suffers, the community with colleagues is not as great, but it is perhaps worth it.

Honestly, is it life outside of work that is most important?

I have more energy left to spend time with friends and family, to pursue interests and hobbies, etc.

Today 06:09

Good morning!

A research project will study hybrid work, the combination of remote and office work, how do you prefer to work?

Research project to study hybrid work: "Is there a knowledge gap to fill"

Nanny Lögdal

SVT Reporter