This "spy thriller will be anchored in the world of the American secret services and the recent geopolitical context, drawing heavily on the testimonies of former CIA agents", specify in a press release the French co-producers TOP and Federation Studios to origins of fiction.

Production is scheduled for 2023.

George Clooney will also be one of the co-producers of the series in the USA.

"We could not dream of a more beautiful poster than George Clooney and Showtime for the North American version of the + Bureau des Légendes +", comments Guillaume Pommier, head of Federation in this press release.

"The passion and ambition we share with them for this incredible series, combined with the firepower of Showtime, will work wonders to bring +The Department+ to international audiences", he continues.

No indication was given on the American distribution.

The Canal+ star series has been sold in more than 100 countries and praised by the DGSE (French intelligence services, where the characters evolve) itself for its realism.

French director Éric Rochant ("Les Patriotes") has been the "showrunner" (author-producer, in the jargon of the series) since the first broadcast in 2015. Before, for the finale of the 5th and final season in 2020, hand over to Jacques Audiard, director of "A Prophet" and "Sisters Brothers".

This series followed in the footsteps of these undercover French agents abroad (the famous "legends", neat false identities) around a central character, Malotru, played by Mathieu Kassovitz.

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