• The Panel 48% of the Socialists support Feijóo's proposal that the list with the most votes in the municipal elections govern

  • Survey Montero drags Sánchez and 42% already directly blame the president for the reductions to rapists

The Popular Party can boast of having the most loyal voters.

82.9% of the citizens who chose their ballot in 2019 would do so again in the next general elections.

Feijóo's formation thus exceeds Vox in vote loyalty.

And not only: the popular ones, and this would be one of the most significant data from the survey, manage to break the ideological blocks typical of political polarization and attract 11.3% of citizens who in the last elections gave their trust to the PSOE.

The Socialists, according to the poll, see how 767,000 votes that won 10-N are now escaping and taking refuge in the territory of the



It is an authentic torrent of ballots towards the option that Feijóo offers them.

A volume that, in addition, grows compared to the month of December: then the transfer of votes was 9.2% and now it has increased by two points.

Conversely, the transfer of voters from the PP to the PSOE is minimal: barely 1.1%, or what is the same, 55,000 ballots.

This flow of voters from the main party on the left to the first on the right largely explains the tiebreaker that the survey shows between the two ideological blocs.

To this we must add that the bag of socialist voters who are now undecided is much larger than that of the popular ones.

In the first case, it is 9% of the voters and in the second, it is only 3.5%.

The problems for the Socialists are increased by the fact that almost a third of the citizens who voted for them in the last elections -30.4%- are now disappointed with this election.

The loyalty of the PSOE voters is 69.9%.

The most important contribution of ballots received by the Socialists comes from their minority partner in the Government, United We Can.

The purple ones give them 13.9% of their votes while the PSOE barely receives 1.7%.

The fidelity of the vote of Unidas Podemos is currently 64.9%.

10.7% of their voters are willing to go to other formations other than the big parties and 9.1% are placed in the field of indecision.

The most porous border of the PP is the one it maintains with Vox, but even in this case the resulting balance is in favor of those of Feijóo.



ones yielded to Abascal's formation 10.9% of the votes, but at the same time they collected 13.1% from the party located to their right.

In short, practically eaten for what was served.

The survey also reveals the practical absorption of Ciudadanos by the Popular Party.

In this case, the transfer of voters from the former to the latter is overwhelming.

The oranges yield to the popular no less than 41.8% of their ballots, while in the opposite direction they barely receive 0.8% of votes from the PP.

The disaster of Ciudadanos is revealed in view of the very little fidelity that their voters show them.

This party, now headed by Patricia Guasp, is barely capable of retaining the 25% of the voters who gave it confidence in 2019. In fact, 26% of its voters now admit that it is more useful to vote for another party and that other force is clearly the Popular Party.

To them is added another 21% who acknowledge that they will change the ballot because they believe that Ciudadanos has no chance of winning.

In addition, 13.8% of their voters now define themselves as undecided and, consequently, they are in a favorable position to end up transferring their vote to another option.

Feijóo surpasses Sánchez in note and already 40% see him as a future president

The leader of the PP,

Alberto Núñez Feijóo

, manages in this edition of The Panel of Sigma Two for ELMUNDO to surpass the President of the Government,

Pedro Sánchez

, in citizen assessment .

The note that they give to the leader of the PP ranks is 3.9 compared to the 3.7 that they give to the socialist leader.

In the previous installment of the poll, both were tied.

The rating given to Feijóo is consistent with the fact that 40.6% of those surveyed consider that he will be the next head of the Executive compared to 31.5% who believe that Sánchez will revalidate as a tenant of La Moncloa.

In any case, the political figure with the best citizen rating is the second vice president and leader of the Sumar platform,

Yolanda Díaz .


She gets a grade of 4.1 points.

The voters of the PSOE give him a 5.8, just four tenths less than Sánchez, and those of Unidas Podemos a 7.6, which allows one to venture that the


vote in the general elections can clearly be transferred to his new formation.

Data sheet

Reference population and geographical area:

People aged 18 and over residing in Spain.

Information collection technique:

Through the Sigma Dos Panel by Trust Survey.

Mixed telephone (CATI) / online (CAWI) / RRSS methodology.

Sample sizes:

1,702 interviews.

Selection of the sample units:

In the telephone interview through random selection of household and application of sex and age quotas in the selection of the last unit.

In the case of the panel, proportional allocation by sex and age group has been applied.

The distribution of the sample has been proportional by autonomous community in both samples.

Margin of error:

The absolute sampling error can be delimited by ±2.42% for a confidence level of 95.5%, and in the assumption of variables with two equally distributed categories.

Field Work Date:

From January 27 to February 2, 2023.



Technical direction:

José Luis Rojo Gil.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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