The Israeli cabinet approved the establishment of a new town in the areas bordering the Gaza Strip, while the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) held the occupation government responsible for "putting settlers in danger."

And Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu considered that the establishment of the town in the Gaza Strip is another proof of Israel's strength, adding that the most important thing to respond to what he called "terrorism" is to strengthen settlements.

The Israeli newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, said that the talk is about establishing a settlement called "Hanoun", based on the recommendation of the National Council for Planning and Building, which was issued in January 2022.

The Israeli Ministry of Housing stated that the new settlement will be established "as a mixed settlement for about 500 religious and secular families, in response to the growing demand for this form of settlement."

step up

On the other hand, Hamas described the step as escalatory, and held the Israeli government fully responsible for strengthening settlement and building a settlement near the Gaza Strip.

The movement said that Israel's continuation of the policy of settlement expansion will not bring security to the settlers, "and will not give the occupation legitimacy or sovereignty over our land."

Hamas asserted that the Israeli government bears sole responsibility for settling settlers near the Strip and putting them in danger.

Siege of Jericho

In another context, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the siege imposed by the Israeli occupation authorities on the city of Jericho for the eighth day in a row, and the detention and long hours of waiting for citizens during their movement, travel, or return.

She said that it is a flagrant violation of international and humanitarian law and the signed agreements, calling for international and American pressure on the Israeli government to lift this siege on the city of Jericho.

It is noteworthy that the occupation forces carried out a military operation yesterday in Aqabat Jabr camp in Jericho that lasted more than 3 hours, and failed to arrest the perpetrators of the shooting attack on a settlers' restaurant near Jericho, and they are still tightening their procedures at the military checkpoints at the exits of the city.