[Global Times Special Correspondent Chen Lifei] Hsiao Mei-qin, Taipei's representative to the US, will return to Taiwan to report on her duties in the near future. There are reports in the island that the top leaders of the Democratic Progressive Party are considering Hsiao Mei-qin to compete with the party chairman Lai Qingde in the 2024 election.

  According to Taiwan's "United Daily News" report on the 5th, Hsiao Mei-qin will return to Taiwan on official business recently to exchange views with relevant ministries on the current progress of the work with the United States. She is expected to stay for nine to ten days.

Just recently, there have been rumors in the island that Lai Qingde will partner with Xiao Meiqin to form a "German-American Match" to participate in the 2024 Taiwan leader election.

Cai Biru, a former "legislator" of the People's Party, said in an interview with an online program that Xiao Meiqin is deeply trusted by the United States. It is rumored that no matter who the DPP wins the election of the leader of the Taiwan region in 2024, Xiao Meiqin's partner will be his deputy.

Guo Guowen, the "legislator" of the Democratic Progressive Party, said that the candidate for the Democratic Progressive Party has not yet been released.

Hong Kong China Review News believes that whether Xiao Meiqin will partner with Lai Qingde to participate in the 2024 election, there are two variables: one is whether Lai Qingde can stand out in the primary election of the Democratic Progressive Party; the other is that Tsai Ing-wen and Xiao have a close relationship. agreed.

The analysis believes that Xiao Meiqin has the identity of the representative in the United States, and is deeply trusted by Tsai Ing-wen. If Lai Qingde can run with her in the 2024 election, it can not only dilute the US's doubts about Lai Qingde's "pragmatic Taiwan independence worker", but also resolve Tsai Ing-wen's concern about Taiwan. Lai Qingde's distrust problem.

  In this regard, Xiao Meiqin said that ensuring Taiwan's security and stability is the only goal now, and other political topics are all fantasies, so there is no need to discuss them.

Lai Qingde only laughed with a "hehe" and didn't answer directly.

  Youtu channel "Taoyuan Mr. Sun" launched an online poll, and more than 60% of the people believed that "Lai Qingde and Xiao Meiqin are not the strongest combination of the DPP in 2024."

There are also a large number of netizens who left a message mockingly saying, "No matter how you match it, you will not choose it! I am still dreaming of spring and autumn!" "No matter how you match it, it will not change the nature of corruption and shamelessness."

Senior media person Huang Yangming analyzed on the 4th that Xiao Meiqin was anxious to return to Taiwan to report on her work this time because Tsai Ing-wen had a task to give her, and this task could not be communicated remotely, but she had to come back and tell her how to do it face to face.

  "United Daily News" commented that the US media said that Xiao Meiqin talked with senior White House officials almost every day, but the "efficiency" in the eyes of Americans is nothing more than Taiwan's contribution to TSMC, helping the United States to rebuild the semiconductor industry chain, and extending military service to cooperate with the US military to withdraw from the "Number 1". an island chain".

The green media also revealed that American political circles regard Xiao as an American in terms of values ​​and getting along with each other. ?” “China Times” published a commentary on this topic on the 5th, saying that the extent to which Xiao Meiqin’s communication with the United States can help Lai Qingde win the trust of the United States is actually a big question mark, because it not only depends on the United States’ own assessment. , and it depends on the identification of the mainland.

If the mainland believes that Lai Qingde is "Taiwan independence" and takes decisive measures as soon as he takes office, then the United States will naturally avoid letting Lai Qingde take office and choose a more neutral candidate.

At the same time, Xiao Meiqin seems to be "smooth" in the United States, which is because of the low Sino-US relations and the strategic needs of the United States. "However, Sino-US relations still need to be handled by both sides. Take the initiative, let alone have your own choice.”

The article bluntly stated that the US's current attitude towards Lai Qingde just proves that the US does not dare to really provoke a cross-strait war.

  (Global Times)