China News Service, February 6th, according to Yonhap News Agency, Kim Eun-hye, chief secretary of the South Korean Presidential Office Bulletin, said at a press conference at the Yongsan Presidential Palace on the 5th that the presidential office appointed former "Cultural Daily" commentator Lee Do-yun as the new spokesperson.

  According to reports, Lee Do-woon started his career as a reporter in 1990 with the "Seoul News".

During his work, he served successively as the special correspondent of Seoul Shimbun in Washington, the head of the Political Department and the deputy director.

  In 2017, Li Doyun served as the spokesperson for the then Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon.

After Ban Ki-moon decided to give up the South Korean presidential election, Lee Do-woon returned to the news industry and worked as a commentator for the "Munhwa Ilbo" until the end of January 2023.

  In his speech at the presidential palace, Lee Do-yun said that since the presidential palace was moved from Cheong Wa Dae to Yongsan, there have been a lot of controversies due to communication problems, some of which still need to be resolved urgently.

He said that he believes that these problems can be resolved through communication with the media.

  It is reported that since Jiang Renxian, the former spokesperson of the Presidential Office, was transferred to the Chief Secretary of Overseas Publicity and Foreign Media Spokesperson of the Presidential Office in September 2022, the position has been vacant for more than five months and has only been filled so far.