#Laminuteretraites: Can Emmanuel Macron resist the challenge?


Minute retreats #1 © RFI

Text by: Valérie Gas Follow

The mobilization against the pension reform is not weakening in France.

The unions are all united in calling on citizens to oppose raising the legal age to 64.

Two more years which do not pass and which make the butter of the oppositions, of the Nupes on the left and the National Rally.

The flagship reform of the five-year term is also the most contested.

This is the reform on which Emmanuel Macron has no right to fail.

This is the battle of credibility for the oppositions.

This is the moment of the showdown for the unions.

Facing the French, the five-year term is now in play.

RFI's political department deciphers the challenges of pension reform.

Check out episode 1 in this video. 


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