• Autobiography Harry lashes out at William: the physical assault, the Nazi costume and the evil stepmother

"I am Sasha Walpole, the woman to whom Harry lost his virginity...I am here to tell the story in my own words."

Serene-tempered and looking directly into the camera, Walpole

confirms that she is being referred to by the Duke of Sussex

when he reveals her first experience of sexual penetration in the best-seller 'Spare: In the Shadows'.

"He could be Prince Harry to others,

to me he was Harry

, a good friend," she recalls.

The tabloids followed the trail of the bare facts that the prince exposes about his "loss of virginity", in a field behind a pub, when he was 15 years old.

He describes it as

"a humiliating episode with an older woman"

than him.

"He was very fond of horses and he treated me like a young stallion. I rode her in a hurry, after which he spanked my ass and sent me for a ride," he recounts in his biography.

The Sun and Mail weeklies competed this Sunday to launch the "world exclusive" of the first sexual liaison of the student and the youngest of the

two children of Carlos and Diana


"It was fast, in the field. We were teenagers, we were drunk... and it didn't mean much to me," agrees Walpole.

"We were friends,

we spent time together

, he was a lot of fun and a good colleague."

Walpole worked on Prince Charles's farm, and was one of a gang of about 40 horse-loving lads who hung out at the pub, went to

polo matches

or went hiking around Highgrove, in the county. of Gloucester.

She now drives tractors and has fond memories of the duke.

"I wish him the best,"

Ella says.

He had kept the fleeting sexual adventure a secret since 2001, but its inclusion in the biography forced him to come forward in

order to contain the harassment of the media


She says that she didn't know if Harry was a virgin or not, although she questioned it the day after the romp.

He also intuits that no one would have been surprised to learn that they had hooked

up after having a few pints in the pub


That season, Harry was calling him at home, sending him postcards, handing him birthday cards signed with his pseudonym Baz.

Harry is active in bitter legal battles with the media groups that this Sunday identified the woman

with whom he lost his virginity


He unravels the anecdote in the book by exposing the meddling of Britain's "most important tabloid" throughout his teenage years.

He is deprived of identifying the director of the medium in question with his first and last name, but he does not eat her words when describing her as a

"disgusting leech."

"Everyone who knew her agreed that she was a sore in the ass for humanity, as well as a shitty journalist," she denounced in 'Spare'.

Few doubt that she is referring to Rebekah Brooks,

a News Group director and former editor of its popular daily The Sun and the now-defunct News of The World, who was indicted and cleared of charges in connection with wiretapping of private communications.

Harry has not yet closed the case in the British courts.

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