According to the official website of the New York City Council, on February 2 local time, the New York City Council plenary meeting passed the "Lunar New Year Resolution" with 49 votes (two members were absent).

Since then, the Lunar New Year has become a statutory holiday in New York City, which is a historic moment for all Asians in New York City.

  In September 2022, Christopher Marte, a city councilor representing Manhattan's first constituency, proposed Resolution 331 to the City Council in an attempt to make the Lunar New Year a statutory holiday in New York City.

The proposal was jointly supported by seven New York City councilors Sandra Ung and Crystal Hudson.

  According to Mattei, the passage of this bill means that students in New York City are no longer the only ones who can take this day off in the future.

Municipal government departments, such as courts, banks and other staff will get a day off.

  On the same day, the New York City Council also voted to pass a resolution 424 proposed by City Councilor Huang Minyi in December 2022, which called on the US Congress and President Biden to support Congressman Meng Zhaowen's proposal to designate the Lunar New Year as a federal holiday. bill.

(produced by Zhou Jing)

Responsible editor: [Song Yusheng]