We are talking about people from Cherkasy, Chernihiv, Kharkiv and Poltava regions.

Most of them have never served in the military and have no combat experience.

The total number of mobilized, presumably, can reach four battalions, which is about 1.5 thousand people.

These reserves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were being prepared to be sent to the 63rd mechanized and 71st jaeger brigades, however, due to the aggravation of the situation around Vuhledar, these plans were revised.

After being distributed in the Kurakhovo fortified area 30 km north of Vugledar, the mobilized were handed over to the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the largest irretrievable losses: the 72nd mechanized and 56th motorized infantry brigades, as well as units of the 68th Jaeger brigade, in which the losses in killed and wounded exceed 50 % of personnel.

At the same time, infantry units of the Ukrainian army around Vuhledar suffer heavy losses due to failures in the firing of NATO M777 and FH-70 guns of 155 mm caliber.

These howitzers were in service with the 55th separate artillery brigade.

Since the beginning of January, this unit, located 10 km south of Kurakhov, has been subjected to regular raids by Russian air force attack aircraft and attacks by Lancet drones, due to which most of the guns were either destroyed along with their ammunition or damaged.

The surviving guns of 155 mm caliber, due to constant arrivals at the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, have to be constantly transported and hidden, which is why the 55th brigade cannot conduct a full-fledged counter-battery fight in the Ugledar direction.

Denis Pushilin, interim head of the DPR, said earlier that Russian forces were entrenched near Ugledar from three directions.