The animals involved in the most accidents are moose, followed by deer.

In Norrbottens, 587 accidents with game were reported and the reduction of 29.4 percent means that there were 4.1 game accidents per 1,000 cars, according to statistics from the National Game Accident Council and the insurance company Dina Försäkringar.

Prevents accidents

- Accidents with moose have decreased for several years in Norrbotten.

It is due to the moose population being heavily shot down and to the preventive work that is done to prevent game accidents, says Joacim Lundqvist, game coordinator at the police.

Is there any other explanation for the fact that wildlife accidents decrease the most in Norrbotten?

- We are a core group within the Swedish Transport Administration and the police who have worked together for many years.

We have a good knowledge of the dangers on different stretches of road and how to prevent the risks, says Joacim Lundqvist.

"The deer accidents rub"

But there is a child to mourn even in the wildlife accident statistics in Norrbotten.

- What continues to rub off are the traffic accidents involving deer.

The deer live very close to the city in winter and move along many different routes when they get between different feeding places.

Admittedly, there will only be sheet metal damage for the motorists, but of course we would like to see that even those accidents were fewer, says Joacim Lundqvist.