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Selection of the best board games for adults to choose from in 2023

  • Rail adventurers: a really fun board game;

  • 7 Wonders: a must in civilization games;

  • Top Ten: a cooperative party game; 

  • Unlock: a life-size escape game;

  • Quarto: a puzzle game for two;

  • Zombicide: a well thought out cooperative game;

  • TTMC?

    : How much do you wear?

    : a fun general culture game;

  • Blanc Manger Coco: the game with dark humour.

Rail adventurers: a really fun board game 

Welcome to the 19th century in the United States, when the railroads were built.

The goal of the game: to connect as many cities as possible to each other, by creating a whole major railway network.

Build railroad tracks on the USA map and occupy the space, before being blocked by other players.

Be a clever strategist to win the game! 

Most :

  • Several versions and extensions: Europe, New York, Amsterdam;

  • Simple rules;

  • A family game.

The lessers :

  • Slightly high latency between each round. 

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7 Wonders: a must in civilization games

At the head of a great civilization of the ancient world, you must build a wonder, while fighting against your opponents.

As a fine strategist, you develop your civilization on various levels: military, cultural, economic, scientific... 7 Wonders has become a great classic of strategy games.

Most :

  • Very nice design;

  • Accessible from 10 years old;

  • Easy to understand rules for beginners. 

The lessers :

  • Price a bit high.

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Top Ten: a cooperative party game

Bring a good dose of fun to your aperitifs with this really entertaining and funny game.

Pull a quirky and fun theme.

Each player offers an answer according to the number assigned to him (for example 1 for the least useful and 10 for the most useful).

You invent, you mime, you improvise!

The player who drew the theme then tries to put the 10 answers back in the correct order.

Laughter guaranteed.

This is an ideal game to boost the atmosphere! 

Most :

  • Quirky and fun themes;

  • Short games of about twenty to thirty minutes.

The lessers :

  • Can only be played from 4 participants. 

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Unlock: a life-size escape game

Live a unique experience, quietly seated at the table in your living room.

Solve puzzles, cooperate with your partners and manage to escape.

This life-size escape game lasts about 2 good hours.

Ideal for brilliantly occupying an afternoon with friends. 

Most :

  • The game has a free app to get hints and codes;

  • 3 exceptional adventures to experience;

  • Several versions of the game are available: Unlock Extraordinary Adventures, Mystery Adventures, Epic Adventures…

The lessers :

  • Lack of replayability.

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Quarto: a puzzle game for two

The Quarto game offers a very original concept.

This great classic of board games has also been awarded many times.

The goal of the game is simple: line up 4 pieces that have at least one common point between them.

You have a total of 16 different pieces, each with 4 distinct characters.

To spice up the game, your opponent chooses the piece for you!

Will you be the first to announce “Quarto”? 

Most :

  • Very easy to understand rules;

  • Endless game situations. 

The lessers :

  • An abstract game, without a real universe;

  • Cannot be played with more than 2 players.  

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Zombicide: a well-thought-out cooperative game

This cooperative game offers a very addictive universe: a city infested with zombies.

The game interprets the zombies while the players embody the survivors.

You work as a team to try to make it through this nightmarish world.

Your goal: kill these monsters and complete different missions: free allies, find weapons and equipment, drive a car, find food... The game mechanics are very well done and 10 scenarios are possible. 

Most :

  • A real universe;

  • Very beautiful figurines;

  • A gripping atmosphere throughout the hour of play.

The lessers :

  • The high price. 

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: How much do you wear?

: a fun general knowledge game

Say goodbye to boring general knowledge quizzes that create tension between players!

TTMC (How Much Do You Wear?) revisits this type of game.

Here, you are a team.

No player feels left out.

You answer a theme, while choosing your level of difficulty from 1 to 10. The more complex the questions, the faster you advance in the event of a good answer.

Accessible from the age of 14, this game offers the possibility of playing with many friends (up to 16 players): guaranteed atmosphere!

General knowledge questions are well balanced: both serious and far-fetched. 

Most :

  • Fairly fast games, lasting 45 minutes;

  • Funny questions;

  • Possible supplements: Belgian supplement, nature supplement;

  • A team game.

The lessers :

  • The high price. 

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Blanc Manger Coco: the game with black humor

Blanc Manger Coco has become a great classic among aperitif games.

Accessible from 18 years old, it gives pride of place to black humour.

A quizmaster reads a fill-in-the-blank text.

The other players must complete the sentences, thanks to one of their cards comprising more or less eccentric answers.

The funniest version according to the leader wins. 

Most :

  • Short games of around thirty minutes, ideal for an aperitif;

  • Funny questions.

The lessers :

  • If you don't like dark humor, don't! 

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The different types of board games

Among the multitude of board games for adults, it is not always easy to choose.

However, these games are based on mechanisms that can be very different. 

Before you start, determine the type of game that best meets your expectations:

  • Strategy games: use your brain and be tactical to win the game.

  • Party games: giggles guaranteed.

  • Games for two: for a fun evening with your other half.

  • Escape games: cooperate with other players to escape.

  • Cooperative games: form a solid group in the face of the game.

  • General culture games: test your knowledge and enrich your culture.

  • Memory games: a bit of cerebral gymnastics!

What criteria should be taken into account when choosing a board game for adults? 

Before buying a board game for adults, it is necessary to consider key criteria:

  • The universe;

  • The number of players;

  • The type of game: strategy, cooperative, escape game…

  • Party time;

  • The difficulty of the game and understanding of the rules;

  • Design ;

  • The age of the players. 

Have fun with adults thanks to board games.

Get off the beaten track: exit the board games seen and reviewed!

Choose from the many excellent board games for adults and spend cultural, funny or strategic moments. 

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