, February 3, according to comprehensive US media reports, in the past few days, winter storms have continued to rage in the United States. Many states have experienced severe weather such as freezing rain, ice and snow, and roads in large areas have been icy.

Affected by this, thousands of flights were cancelled, hundreds of thousands of people suffered power outages, and many schools were forced to close.

On February 2 local time, Texas in the United States was affected by a winter storm and was hit by severe cold and freezing rain, resulting in power outages and icy roads.

  Winter weather advisories and warnings were issued in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, western Tennessee and northern Mississippi, according to the Associated Press.

Weather forecaster Oravik also said, "It does seem that it will be worse across Texas. There have been large areas of freezing rain in western and southwestern Texas."

  According to the flight tracking service Flight Aware website, as of the 1st local time, 2,300 flights in the United States have been cancelled, including three-quarters of the flights at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and more than two-thirds of Dallas Love Field Airport. flight.

  The bad weather also caused many schools to close.

Schools in Shelby County, Memphis, Tennessee, announced the cancellation of classes on the 2nd due to freezing rain and dangerous road conditions. The school system serves about 100,000 students.

The Dallas School District, with about 145,000 students, also announced the cancellation of classes on the 1st.

On January 31, in Illinois, the United States, a pedestrian walked on the sidewalk.

  The winter storm also caused widespread power outages.

According to data from the US power monitoring website "Power Outage", more than 280,000 customers in Texas lost power on the evening of the 2nd, down from 430,000 earlier in the day.

The most widespread outage was in Austin, where impatience among 150,000 customers was on the rise nearly two days after the first outage.

Since the 1st, about 30% of local users have been affected by power outages.

  Affected by the snow and ice, Arkansas Governor Sanders declared a state of emergency on the 1st.

The statement also said icy roads had caused a backlog in the delivery of food, medicine and other essential items.

  In addition, traffic accidents caused by frozen roads in Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma this week have killed at least 10 people.