Pensions: Registration of Gulf employees working in the country is a "mandatory procedure" subject to "inspection"

The General Pension and Social Security Authority confirmed that ensuring that owners register and subscribe on behalf of civil Gulf citizens working for them in the unified system for extending insurance protection falls within the tasks of the inspection staff, stressing that registration for Gulf nationals working in the country is a mandatory procedure according to Cabinet Resolution No. 18 of 2007, which was issued by the Council on July 22, 2007, to regulate the provisions of insurance protection for citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries working in civil retirement agencies outside their countries in any of the Council countries. The decision specified the Authority as the executive body for the system in the country.

The authority stated that this system represents one of the most important Gulf regulations that aim to extend the umbrella of insurance protection for citizens of the Gulf countries working outside their countries in any of the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, with the aim of providing a stable income for the Gulf citizen at the end of his service, as if he was working in his home country, where he gives him The system The opportunity to obtain a retirement pension or an end-of-service reward according to the retirement system to which he is subject in the employee's home country.

She stated that the protection extension system applies to citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries working for any employer in the government and private sectors, provided that the provisions of the Pensions and Social Security Law in their countries apply to them, and that the employee has the nationality of one of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and that he works for an employer subject to the provisions of the Civil Retirement Law in his country.

The authority said: "If the Gulf citizen loses any of these conditions, his participation will be suspended through the end-of-service form attached to which all the necessary documents are attached, and the provision of the retirement device to which the Gulf citizen is subject to within the legally specified period to settle his end-of-service file and pay his dues."

According to the Authority, the employee and the employer are obligated to bear their share in the contributions from the salary subject to the contribution in accordance with the percentages applicable in the law or system of the employee’s home country, provided that the employer’s share does not exceed the percentage applicable in the UAE, and in all cases in which the employer’s contribution is less than the percentage The employee shall cover the difference in the contribution to ensure full payment of the contributions to the pension system in the employee's home country. In this case, the employer shall deduct the difference from the employee's wages, unless the employee's home country decides to bear these differences on behalf of its citizens, if any.

The responsibility for transferring these contributions falls within the competence of the employer, who must deduct the contribution percentage from the insured and transfer it with the percentage due on him monthly through the bank account designated for the retirement device in the UAE. This delay is in accordance with the rules and provisions in force in the Pensions Law. Therefore, the inspection staff has the right to release any violations related to non-registration or payment of contributions for Gulf civil servants working in the country with any employer.

The responsibility for registering the Gulf employee rests with the employer, as well as the responsibility for deducting and paying the contributions of the insured, although this does not absolve the insured from the responsibility of verifying whether the employer has registered him and paid the contributions for him, and informing the Authority if he is not registered so that it can take action necessary to preserve his rights and the rights of his family.

The unified form form is used by employers to register participants in the protection extension system, which is available on the authority's website, as it is the link between the employer in the country and the retirement system to which the Gulf employee working in the UAE is subject.

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