We often deliver miraculous moments through our corner, and today (the 3rd) we will deliver the news of a child who saved his life by drowning.

A car appears rounding a corner, and without slowing down, thump the motorcycle!

Then we head to India.

I went right through the building.

It happened in Brazil.

By the way, the child who jumps up in this mayhem, where the hell was he?

They walk on their own and are hugged by their guardians.

As it turned out, I was playing behind a large potted plant that I had left on the sidewalk, and the car in question pushed me into the building.

The pollen acts as a barrier, so it is said to be fine with only a few scratches.

Unfortunately, the motorcyclist was reported to be seriously injured.

The driver of the vehicle that hit the vehicle was found to be intoxicated at the time.

(Screen source: YouTube Jornal Bonito Informa)