Submitting the proposal to the higher authorities based on the desire of the people of the country

Studying the voluntary joining of citizens from 30 to 40 years old to the national service

The Authority intends to organize a recruitment fair for national service recruits.


The Director of Strategic Planning at the National and Reserve Service Authority, Brigadier General P.S.C. Mohammed Suhail Al Neyadi, revealed a proposal to allow the age group from 30 to 40 years to perform national and reserve service, provided that this service is optional and not compulsory.

Ahmed bin Tahnoun: We have finished the program's strategic plan

Yesterday, the General Command of the Armed Forces organized a forum for national service partners for the second year in a row, in the presence of Major General Staff Pilot Sheikh Ahmed bin Tahnoon bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, Chairman of the National and Reserve Service Authority, and a number of senior officers of the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Interior, and senior officials from various agencies. Governmental and private institutions.

Major General Staff Pilot Sheikh Ahmed bin Tahnoun bin Mohammed Al Nahyan said at the opening: “Nearly two years have passed since the issuance of the National and Reserve Service Law, during which the national service program was planned, full support was provided for it, its main requirements were secured, and strategic partnerships with the relevant authorities were strengthened. with it".

He pointed out that «the authority has completed the preparation of the strategic plan for the program, which depends on the interdependence between the national goals in various fields, taking into account that this strategy contributes to clarifying the strategic goals and objectives of the program, in a way that ensures the assistance of the concerned authorities in translating these goals into initiatives and activities by On the one hand, and enabling the Authority to carry out their tasks in general supervision of the program, coordination and support for its development process on the other hand, explaining that “linking our partners’ strategies, initiatives and work plans with the strategic objectives of the program will help everyone to carry out the role assigned to him with high efficiency, and will also ensure the development and upgrading of the program.” ».

He added, “We decided that this forum should focus on the strategic aspects of the program, so the most important and most prominent achievements that have been achieved during the previous period will be reviewed, in addition to some of the legal aspects of the national service. In the program to present her experience in national service and alternative service, to learn about the features of this experience, and the impact of recruits on the work system in the agencies where they performed the service, and the skills they acquired, and the obstacles that these agencies encountered in this regard.

The head of the National and Reserve Service Authority confirmed, “The goal of being present at this forum is to activate the strategic partnership management system by listening to your suggestions and views on the national service program, and we are fully prepared to discuss the challenges that still constitute an obstacle to the program and its development, so I hope everyone will put forward ideas.” The solutions are objective and transparent, and I am fully confident that the national service program has shed light on many aspects that need development, cooperation and coordination.

He explained that one of the objectives of the forum is to identify together the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement, stressing that “the national service is not just a military program in which the youth of the country join for a certain period of time, but rather it is an integrated and interdependent system that has collected under its umbrella a package of national goals that seek to achieve the vision of the UAE.” 2021.

He noted the structural changes recently made to some ministries and government agencies, stressing that cooperation and coordination with these agencies continues to support the program and its current and future plans, stressing that «institutions possess expertise, knowledge and qualified cadres that are considered an essential source for that, and that they are all highly confident in the wise leadership of His Highness. His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, and the follow-up of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces ».

He explained that "the authority developed a complete vision and a thorough study on the proposal and submitted it to the competent higher authorities to decide on it and take the appropriate decision," noting that "the proposal came based on the desire expressed by a number of citizens over the age of 30 to join the national service."

And he stated, during his participation, yesterday, in the National Service Partners Forum organized by the General Command of the Armed Forces for the second year in a row, that “the authority intends to organize a recruitment exhibition for national service recruits during next April, which will last for two or three days, and is devoted only to national service recruits.” Where there are many government and private agencies wishing to attract high school graduates or even university graduates.

During the forum, the authority revealed that it had been approved to increase the period of basic training to four months instead of three, starting from the fifth session, in addition to allowing the children of female citizens to join the national service, noting that, taking into account the health status of the recruits, training centers were allocated for second-class recruits, separate from the medical-class recruits. Fourth.

Regarding the most prominent initiatives of 2016, the Authority indicated that it intends to implement a number of initiatives, most notably the introduction of updates to the electronic human resources system in the Authority, and the development of a mechanism for dealing with those who failed to join the national service, in coordination with the Ministries of Interior and Justice and the Public Prosecution.

The Commission also intends to conduct field visits to secondary schools, with the aim of enrolling students in national service, submitting periodic reports on the opinions of recruits to their employers, and preparing studies to measure several indicators, such as studying the impact of national service on recruits and their interaction with their family and community surroundings, and developing initiatives to spread the culture of Volunteering among recruits, coordinating the issuance of the electronic national service procedures guide, preparing for the “Your Body is a Trust” campaign, and participating in the Fun Festival for Health.

The Authority reviewed the strategy of the National Service Program and the most important achievements and initiatives that were achieved during the past year, as well as the most prominent initiatives and activities for the current year.

In terms of the 2015 initiatives, the Commission referred to the graduation of three batches of national service, the adoption of a new percentage for employee nomination amounting to 45% instead of 30%, the activation of the text messaging system to enhance communication with recruits, as well as the application of the two batches per year instead of three batches. The first batch is for the students category, and is held in August of each year, and the second batch is for the employee category, and is held in December or January of each year.

The authority dealt with the axis of partnerships, programs and educational awareness activities during the past year, such as launching the website of the authority, and enhancing communication through the authority’s social networking sites, as the number of followers reached about 87 thousand followers of the authority’s accounts on the application of “Instagram”, “Twitter” and “Facebook”. over the past year.

During the forum, a number of federal and local government agencies reviewed their experiences regarding national service and the challenges they faced during the application of the national service program to their employees. The Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority, and the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority.

National Service Program

The National Service Partners Forum shed light on a number of important axes, and the National and Reserve Service Authority presented a brief on the strategy of the National and Reserve Service Program, and what has been accomplished for the current year's plan.

The Authority reviewed the most important aspects related to the National Service Program, highlighting the most important items, decisions and obligations that everyone must observe and apply with regard to the affairs of national and reserve service recruits, in accordance with the general systems in force for the Authority and all other concerned parties. The forum program included a general summary of the most important Aspects related to the health and fitness of the national service recruit, and the applied health and nutritional practices and systems for the national service recruits.

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