A Transdev Meaux et Ourcq bus serving line A caught fire this Wednesday morning in Meaux (Seine-et-Marne).

The fire completely destroyed the vehicle on board which were a driver and several passengers, says

La Marne


The flames appeared as the bus left the Georges-Claude stop shortly after 7 a.m.

The driver didn't notice anything at first.

It was the driver of an ambulance who alerted him by honking his horn and standing next to the bus.

He had indeed noticed that the engine, located at the rear, was on fire and that smoke was coming out of it.

The machinist reacted immediately, evacuating the six passengers and carrying a fire extinguisher.

However, it was too late to extinguish the fire.

Warned, the firefighters also tried to put out the flames by spraying them with foam, in vain.

Their intervention caused a traffic disruption for almost an hour.

The travelers ended their journey by taking another vehicle from the line.

No one was hurt.

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