During the search for a new official residence after the election of President Yoon Seok-yeol, it was claimed that a fortune teller had visited the official residence of the Chief of Staff of the Army, which was a candidate site.

The Presidential Security Service denied this was true.

Reporter Jung Yoon-sik reports.


This is a book by Seung-chan Bu, a former spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense, obtained by SBS.

In this book, former spokesman Bu revealed that he heard from Army Chief of Staff Nam Young-shin that on April 1 of last year, a fortune teller called 'Cheonggong' stopped by the Army Chief of Staff's official residence in Hannam-dong and the Seoul Office of the Army.

At that time, the Office of the Chief of Staff of the Army was mentioned as a candidate for the new presidential residence, and the Seoul Office of the Army is located in the Yongsan Ministry of National Defense.

Former spokesman Bu claimed that when the fortune teller toured the mission, he was accompanied by two high-ranking officials of the Presidential Transition Committee at the time, and even heard of the type of vehicle that Cheon Gong had entered.

One of them was reported by the press that Kim Yong-hyun was the chief of security.

[Boo Seung-chan/Former Ministry of National Defense Spokesperson: 'There must be no one or two witnesses anywhere with perforated beard and the hem of the applicator fluttering.'

(It happened.)]

This yeoksul-in is a controversial person who claimed to have advised President Yoon on the issue of resigning the prosecutor general during the last presidential election.

The Democratic Party launched an offensive, saying that it was revealed that there was a fortune teller in the background of the relocation of the presidential office and official residence.

[Park Hong-geun/Democratic Party Representative: We will convene the National Assembly's National Defense Committee and Steering Committee to reveal the intervention in state affairs, which is a reverse technique, and hold government officials such as the President's Office responsible for neglecting and hiding it.

] There is no one-sided relationship with this cheongong,” he refuted, saying, “There is no fact that cheongong toured the Hannam-dong official residence.”

Former Army Chief of Staff Nam Young-shin, who told the former spokesman of Cheon-gong's visit to the mission, said in an interview with a media outlet, "I don't remember it because it's an old story." I did.

(Video coverage: Choi Dae-woong, video editing: Lee Seung-yeol)