Brian, owner of the Lincoln Tunnel Motel in New Jersey, provides free rooms to people in need.

“It gained momentum with the Covid-19 pandemic, he recalls.

People were losing their homes or needed a place to quarantine.

Now, it seems inconceivable to me not to offer a free night to those who need it”.

His videos are a hit on TikTok

Since he launched this “solidarity operation”, this 34-year-old father has caused a sensation on the TikTok social network.

The videos he posts there tell of the solidarity he witnesses in his motel;

he also does comedy sketches with his colleagues.

“It allowed me to tell my story,” says Brian, all the more comfortable in front of a camera since he tried to become an actor when he was younger.


“Life is not always all rosy and beautiful.

It is sometimes complicated, sometimes difficult.

Sometimes your apartment burns down and you need a motel to stay in.

There will always be places like this, says Brian.

I just want to show the world that we still exist”.


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