China News Service, February 2nd, a comprehensive report, US President Biden's personal lawyer said that the FBI searched Biden's vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware on the 1st, but did not Secret documents were found.

But the lawyer also said the FBI took handwritten notes and some materials for further review.

Data map: US President Biden.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Chen Mengtong

FBI raids Biden's vacation home

  According to reports, FBI agents searched Biden's Rehoboth Beach vacation home on the 1st.

It is reported that the search lasted for three and a half hours.

  "The Justice Department's search of the President's Rehoboth Beach residence has concluded as part of a planned search in coordination with the President's attorney," Biden's attorney, Bob Bauer, said in a statement. He added that the search started at 8.30am and continued until noon.

  Ball also said the FBI took handwritten notes and some materials for further review.

He said that consistent with the previous search of the Wilmington residence, "the Department of Justice further reviewed some materials and handwritten notes that appeared to be related to his (Biden) tenure as vice president."

  CNN said that Biden bought the villa after he stepped down as vice president. He and his wife sometimes spend weekends here, most recently from January 20 to 23.

  "USA Today" also stated that this is the third time the FBI has conducted a search operation on properties related to Biden.

In November 2022, Biden's lawyers discovered confidential documents during his tenure as vice president when packing up his former private office.

Follow-up searches by the FBI and Biden's attorneys have since uncovered more documents.

  At present, the U.S. Department of Justice has assigned a special prosecutor to thoroughly investigate the matter.

How does "Document Gate" affect Biden's polls?

  The latest poll released by Monmouth University shows that Biden's support rate has increased by 1 percentage point, from 42% in December 2022 to 43% last month, while the disapproval rate has dropped from 50% to 48%.

This is the first time since September 2021 that its disapproval rate in the poll has fallen below 50%.

  Thirty-eight percent of respondents said they were very concerned that classified documents found at Biden's home would pose a threat to national security if they fell into the wrong hands, 29 percent said they were somewhat concerned, and 29 percent Said they were not too worried.

The US "Capitol Hill" stated that this concern did not seem to affect Biden's overall support in the polls.

  Meanwhile, 40 percent of respondents said they were very concerned that classified documents discovered at former President Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida could pose a threat to national security.

Twenty-two percent said they were very concerned about the security of classified documents found at the home of former Vice President Mike Pence.

  According to the report, Biden insisted that he did not know the classified documents, but 58% of the respondents said they believed that Biden knew the documents were there.

A third said they didn't think Biden knew.

  The poll also found that 85 percent believe other former presidents and vice presidents may also have classified documents in their homes or offices.