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Let's get the most complicated out of the way.

The RoverX mobile application is aimed at collectors of digital works of art sold in the form of NFTs (a way, thanks to the blockchain, of guaranteeing their authenticity and uniqueness).

Once that's been said, the Indian studio's proposal is clear: RoverX is nothing less than a dashboard as attentive to the art market as a surveillance agent in front of his control screens.  

Pieces from the collection that you have been watching for ages are finally available at a fair price?

Your smartphone receives a notification.

A buyer proposes to acquire one of your NFT?

You have been warned.

“To trade NFTs and make money, responsiveness is crucial, but you can't spend day and night checking what's happening in the market.

Hence the usefulness of alerts, which can be configured as desired,” adds Harshad Fad, in charge of the community and marketing.  

Everything seems (more) simple

The user can even ask his digital watchdog to watch for movements on the portfolios of experts as recognized as Zenica or Gary Vee.

“If a transaction is observed, you are immediately notified.

This will allow you to imitate them or adapt your strategy.

In the palm of your hand, despite the interface entirely in English, everything seems simple.

The timing is less happy.

RoverX will no longer be freely available from February 8. 

A ban necessary according to Harshad Fad: “The next two months, the use will be reserved for partner communities.

They will help us to strengthen the quality of the services offered, as well as to refine our economic model”.

Propelled on planet Web3 from Bangalore in less than six months, we will not blame RoverX for wanting to take care of its landing.

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