Representative Lee Jae-myeong attended a discussion meeting in which non-Lee Jae-myung lawmakers within the Democratic Party were the main axis.

It is known that a meeting with members of the family research group is also being coordinated, but it seems to be a willingness to block the division by pulling the inside of the party.

Reporter Jang Min-seong reports.

<Reporter> Lee Jae-

myung, the representative of the Democratic Party, attended a discussion meeting called the 'Road of the Democratic Party' within the party.

It is a group led by Kim Jong-min, Lee Won-wook, and Cho Eung-cheon, who did not hesitate to speak bitterly about the so-called 'representative judicial risk'.

Representative Lee lowered his body to listen to various voices in the party,

[Lee Jae-myeong/Democratic Party Representative: A political party is a place where various voices, various opinions, and various orientations of various people gather...


He drew a line on concerns about division within the party, saying it was a 'vision meeting' rather than a 'screaming world'.

In a closed discussion, concerns about the party's approval ratings, which do not benefit from the decline in President Yoon Seok-yeol's approval ratings, and measures to respond to the impact that the investigation and trial of President Lee will have on next year's general elections were discussed.

[Kim Jong-min/Democratic Party member: The degree of unfavorability (to the Democratic Party) has increased tremendously, so this is the point the Democratic Party needs to worry about.

I believe that the situation leading to over-investigation may have had an impact...


Representative Lee is also coordinating a meeting with Democracy 4.0 lawmakers, a family research group.

Representative Lee's communication was evaluated within the party as "positive because it seems to have gained confidence," along with concerns that "we strongly ordered unity in a private meeting, and it became difficult for other voices to come out."

The power of the people asked not to interfere with the party's discussion meeting, which is secured by judicial risk, to find the path of CEO Lee himself before the path of the Democratic Party.

(Video coverage: Kim Hak-mo, video editing: Park Chun-bae)