The community was turned upside down when a series of rare animals disappeared or died at the Dallas Zoo in Texas, USA.


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This rare species of emperor tamarin is an eye-catching animal with long white fur around its mouth.

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I was living in the Dallas Zoo in the United States, but it is said that two of them disappeared while the breeding grounds were recently damaged and were found in a deserted house on the outskirts of Texas as a citizen tip.

Just before the zoo, an endangered wrinkled eagle was found wounded and dead, and a clouded leopard escaped through the same damaged enclosure and was captured within a day.

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As this happened four times in a month, speculation is emerging that someone did it on purpose.

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The police are said to have launched a full-fledged investigation, including investigating a man with suspicious behavior captured on security cameras.

Netizens responded with comments such as "If it's a rare animal, it will make money, so I decided to aim for it" and "I'm sure the residents near the zoo are also anxious."

(Image source: Twitter Dallas Police Dept Rebecca Lopez cesar William Joy YouTube Dallas zoo)